Carolina Saphire

Carolina Saphire

 The Carolina Saphire  has beautiful silvery blue / teal coloration year round.  The branches are sturdy, but have a lacy appearance.  Its aroma and color interest make a great display in holiday greenery. 

Limited availability.

White Pine

White Pine

For Christmas trees, sheared trees are preferred, although some people feel shearing results in trees too dense for larger ornaments. Needle retention is good to excellent. 

Leyland Cypress

 The most popular Christmas tree in the South-East, the Leyland Cypress is dark green - gray in color and has very little aroma. Because it is a sterile tree (does not produce polen), therefore it does not have the ability to produce cones or seeds allows this tree to be virtually allergy free.   

Red Cedar

Prior to the availability of plantation grown Christmas trees, wild eastern redcedars were the tree of choice for many in the south. They were chosen for their natural conical shape and ready supply. 

Limited Availability

Colorado Blue Spruce

This species is bluish-gray in color.  This Christmas Tree has good symmetrical form and has an attractive blue foliage.

Limited availability -- heights less than 5'.  

Fraser Fir

The Fraser fir branches turn slightly upward. They have good form and needle-retention. They are dark blue-green in color.  Fraser Fir trees do not grow at the altitude of the farm.  

These are PRE-CUT and come from the NC Mountains.